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translation check.

Hello -

I'm not sure if this is a usual thing to request, but I thought I might try anyway. My mother's coworker is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and recently got a tattoo done on her back of what I'm pretty sure is the White Tree of Gondor. She'd like to add the names of her children to it in Quenya, but she has no real experience in writing (or speaking) it. So, she was hoping I could help her in getting our translation checked. We used this site, which seemed pretty reliable, but it would still be nice to make sure.


These are the translations we came up with using that website. Do they look correct? (Taitumn is pronounced "tay-tuhm".) And I do apologize for my horrible writing, but I've never really done Quenya before.

Furthermore, does anyone know of a good, non-pixelated font that we could use for printing them out? We'd like to have them look as nice as possible, but all the fonts I've found so far are rather dreadful. Either that, or, if someone was willing to write them out beautifully for us, they would be the most amazing person ever and have our eternal gratitude.

Thank you!

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