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Quenya-English dictionary for Abbyy Lingvo. [08 Jul 2012|01:25am]
So, some time has passed and I can present to the world an alpha version of quenya-english dictionary.


The description remains pretty the same as in here, except the direction of translation:

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English-quenya dictionary for Abbyy Lingvo. [26 Jun 2012|09:13pm]
There are some dictionaries of quenya, but most of them are in pdf or rtf formats, which are inconvenient for computer processing and do not fit into computer dictionary systems like Abbyy Lingvo, Lightlang, GoldenDict, StarDict, etc.

So, I have converted a well-known English-Quenya dictionary to the well-known DSL format to be used in Abbyy Lingvo(tested X5 version) and every dsl-understanding piece of software.

You can download it here:


If anyone can take this file for permanent publishing, I would be grateful, since my ftp is far from being reliable.

Cudos to http://www.ambar-eldaron.com/
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c'est la vie? [27 Apr 2010|07:24pm]

I'm trying to figure out how to translate c'est la vie into Quenya. However, I'm really drawing a blank of where to go with it. I'd go with something more literal like 'life is like that'

I came up with coivië ëa sitë (life exists of that sort I think), but I have no idea if I'm going in the right direction at all.

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hi [27 Apr 2009|07:16pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

this community looks quite dead but still...

I'd like to learn quenya and I would be very grateful for any pointers on where to start. Also, how realiable are these sites? they seem ok but...

Oh, I also have a "tattoo question". Is there a word or fantasy in quenya? If not, I found a word for imagination in three different forms: nausa, nause and nausë. Which one is correct?

x-posted: tengwar

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Help. [11 Sep 2008|06:26pm]

Does anyone know how to say freedom or free in elvish? I dont mind if its Sindarin or Quenya, but It would be wonderful if someone could help me please.
I have a tattoo that says Estel ( Hope) and I would like to get one that said freedom, but I can find the translation anywhere.
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Translation Help [29 Aug 2008|02:33pm]
I'm trying to learn Quenya, and am still getting to grips with it.
I wanted to translate a passage into Quenya, then Tengwar for a tattoo. I want the last three lines of 'Cloths Of Heaven' by W.B Yeats. 

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

This was my first attempt at the translation:-

nányë ëala "POOR", harya er/eressë olornya
Horya palya olornya undu nútillda
Vanta milya pan vantaldë olornyanna

I couldn't find the correct wording for 'POOR', and I pretty much knew some of my grammar was out.  So with a few pointers this is what I've come up with:-

nányë ëala úlárëa, harya eressë olorinyar
apálienyë olorinyar nu taleldat
Vanta milya pan vantaldë olorinyar

Is this the correct translation? If not could anyone help?
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translation check. [12 Aug 2008|05:11pm]

Hello -

I'm not sure if this is a usual thing to request, but I thought I might try anyway. My mother's coworker is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and recently got a tattoo done on her back of what I'm pretty sure is the White Tree of Gondor. She'd like to add the names of her children to it in Quenya, but she has no real experience in writing (or speaking) it. So, she was hoping I could help her in getting our translation checked. We used this site, which seemed pretty reliable, but it would still be nice to make sure.

If you'd like to help us, we'd really appreciate it.Collapse )

Thank you!

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translation help? [24 Jul 2008|11:35pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I don't know if this is allowed, so if this sort of thing is frowned upon, please let me know. <3

I'm a longtime Tolkien geek, and I have wanted for years to get a Tolkien-related tattoo. I decided to download all the online lessons I could find, and I've slowly been trying to learn Quenya. I know Elvish tattoos are pretty common, and I thought it'd be special if I actually translated it myself. However, my friend and I have made the decision to get our tattoos together, and I am nowhere near a level of proficiency where I feel confident enough to even attempt my own translations. Would anyone be willing to translate three words for me? The words I need translated are 'creativity', 'passion', and 'knowledge'. Thank you in advance, and once again, sorry if this sort of thing is frowned upon.

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Conditional [06 Jan 2006|04:57pm]

How would Quenya form conditional sentences?
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[18 Dec 2005|08:38pm]

just some updates and information. some of you might not have noticed, but the community has had a new look and icon for a while now.

also, while i am very pleased to have received a response to my initial concern about community activity, i feel somewhat underwhelmed when i see the ratio of members to comments/posts.

i have begun the "word of the day", which i have decided will be posted more or less regularly on sundays. aditionally, every entry is tagged with "word of the day" and the word detailed in the entry. each entry is also filed by the same system into high_elven's memory section, which can be reached via the user information page or by clicking here. please note also that i should be able to expect discussion on the word of the week, otherwise it might not last. example sentences, questions, etc. are all welcome.
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Word of the Week [18 Dec 2005|03:37pm]

tasar n."willow, willow-tree", pl. tasari, alternate form tasarë (TATHAR, Etymologies 437)

Decline the noun!Collapse )

A point of interest concerning tasar is its usage in two Lord of the Rings-era compounds; they appear in a verse related by Fangorn, or Treebeard, the Ent:
In the willow-meads of Tasarinan I walked in the Spring.
Ah! the sight and the smell of the Spring in Nan-tasarion!
And I said that was good.
The word tasari is clearly visible in the first compound, where it is coupled with the element nan# "woodland" (LT:261) also of clear relation to Q nanda "water-mead" and S nand, nann "grassland" (NAD, Etymologies 417). The place name Tasarinan clearly corresponds with the preceding phrase "willow-meads". The other construction is again of the element nan, here prefixed to the genitive plural of tasar: tasarion. It means, roughly, "mead/plain of willows".

# The word nan has the stem nand-, which manifests in declension and compounds in which it is the first element; I will frequently make reference to this phenomenon, called stem variation, with he pound (#) sign.
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[17 Dec 2005|07:08am]

To contribute to livening up the community, as my first post here I offer a link to some translations I've done. Criticism etc. welcome, even if due to RL it may take me a while (like next year) to react and look at other people's stuff.
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Translation work: [16 Dec 2005|02:51pm]

Here are some of my translations. Most of these were from way back when and there is probably tons of improvements that can be made to them.

Let me know what you guys think/suggestions for changes.

And I should really finish revamping my Last Unicorn translation...
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[16 Dec 2005|03:33pm]

Okay, I've "stolen" a few suggestions from members. To come:

1. Word of the week. I will take it upon myself to post a new word every week with a small discourse about it and some example sentences, but it's up to everyone else to comment with questions, their own example sentences, etc.

2. Grammar posts. I can do this, but I'd also like other people well versed in Quenya to help. For now, please check out quenyalessons, as many lessons in grammar are already posted there. The community lost its following early on, so I stopped posting, but I could easily pick it back up again if I get at least ten interested people who will devote as much time as I did initially.

3. I am encouraging people to post compositions. Someone mentioned holiday ones. Anything is acceptable. Even if you're not expecially confident, post it for some feedback! Translating into and from any language is one of the best ways to learn.
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snowqueene's post reminds me... [16 Dec 2005|02:35pm]

Once upon a time I remember finding a Russian site that had a funny little song in Quenya. I can't seem to find it again. I seem to remember that there was a tree on there...a green tree? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Something that I thought you guys would like [16 Dec 2005|02:12pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I've had this song for quite some time. I don't know why I haven't posted it until now. If you haven't heard this you should really listen. It is quite a beautiful rendition of 'Gladriel's song' Namarie. Sung in Elven, it makes for good practice for thoes who are starting out.

Aijin Hidelias - Namarie

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Questions [16 Dec 2005|01:45pm]

What is the proper sentence structure of Quenya? SOV, SVO?

I've always been confused on this point.

Also, where do adverbs and the like go? Sindarin has adjectives following the nouns, Quenya has adjectives preceding, but what about the other parts of speech?

Also, Quenya is generally an inflected language but there are listed some prepositions/postpositions. When do you think it's acceptable to use these if there is a case that covers it. I'm specifically thinking of mi 'in.' When might you use mi instead of -sse?
(Poetry would be a good example - it doesn't add or subtract syllables but if you're trying to write alliteration, that may be useful)
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[16 Dec 2005|12:13pm]

hi, everyone,

the community is essentially dead. there have been no posts in eight weeks, not even posts by me, so i am partly responsible. i want the community to be active again, so i am asking that people who are members make a post or comment on several posts within the next month. if quenya is not enough of an active interest in your life right now and you feel that you cannot contribute to the community, please do so at a later time. there is no point in having a comunity if we don't use it to learn and interact. even if you don't feel like you know enough quenya to post a translation or an in-depth question, post about something that you find interesting, a small question that needs answering, etc. let's get this place going again.
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another damn Name post... this should be the name translating community ... [13 Oct 2005|05:36pm]

I'm looking up how to make "house of figs" into a name. I've come up with:
House of fruit: Cardo-ion-yavi/Coa-ion-yávi
Fruit's house: yav-iva-car/yav-ion-car

There are of course variations.... But. I know this is likely a bad translation job. All I need to know is how to say "House of Fruits". The "OF" and plural bits are getting me because I don't know any proper Quenya grammar.

"House" is:
From the Ardalambion:
"coa(walled house), car (card-) (building), (LT2:336 gives indo "house" and os(t) "house and cottage" ..."

"Fruit" is: yávë / yáva / yava

So you didn't have to look those up... can anyone help me?
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