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Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!

This community is for the discussion of Quenya, the Tongue of the Elves beyond the Sea. There are several sites featuring information on Quenya, the most complete of Tolkien's languages, but few are reliable, in my experience. Here is a list of links to reference materials:

Ardalambion is one of the best resources for Tolkien's languages on the net. There you can find Mr. Helge K. Fauskanger's incredible Quenya Course as well as compositions and translations in High Elven.

The Gwaith i-Phethdain, also known as the Fellowship of the Wordsmiths, is a site containing many articles, grammars, and compositions. Too, it is the most comprehensive site on Elvish from the films.

A message from the moderator from October 9, 2004:

I know that this will matter to members of this community, so I am posting it here. I recently offered a line of Sindarin translation to someone on the elfling mailing list at yahoo, and I received a private e-mail from a .fr address in regards to it. Upon opening it, there was a scathing message calling the Sindarin mish-mash after I had spent the time to even cite sources for every construction made. In subsequent e-mails, I was insulted several more times, including one jibe that alleged I must be a child spending too much time on the internet because I had not yet realized that elvish wasn't invented by an RPG group. To any of you aware of the politics among Tolkienian scholars, there seem to be some who look down their noses at others attempting to learn, with special disgust for those utlizing the internet in conjunction with Tolkien's books. Upon further inquiry, I came to realize that the accusor was none other than Edouard Kloczko, the so-called elvish big wig of France; his books can probably be found on Amazon. I want to fight against this idea that everyone who attempts to learn elvish should be discouraged by people who have had distinct advantages in furthering their own abilities to study. I want all who are a part of this information network on the internet to know they have my full support; I respect each and every one of you for your effort to further appreciate something timeless and beautiful. That is all.

Note added Wednesday, October 27, 2004:

It is very upsetting to me to browse through other Elvish communities and find errant information running rampant. Do not take what people say for gospel! Be sure they cite sources, and if they do not, ask for them! It is especially frustrating to see this occur in tattoo translations. These permanent marks could very well brand you with ungrammatical Elvish for life.


This community was created by iamleaper and is now mostly maintained by yll. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask them. Advertisements are allowed with permission.