TJ MacThréinfhir (bleachedmud) wrote in high_elven,
TJ MacThréinfhir

another damn Name post... this should be the name translating community ...

I'm looking up how to make "house of figs" into a name. I've come up with:
House of fruit: Cardo-ion-yavi/Coa-ion-yávi
Fruit's house: yav-iva-car/yav-ion-car

There are of course variations.... But. I know this is likely a bad translation job. All I need to know is how to say "House of Fruits". The "OF" and plural bits are getting me because I don't know any proper Quenya grammar.

"House" is:
From the Ardalambion:
"coa(walled house), car (card-) (building), (LT2:336 gives indo "house" and os(t) "house and cottage" ..."

"Fruit" is: yávë / yáva / yava

So you didn't have to look those up... can anyone help me?
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